Où Allons-Nous

To where?

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I’m a ridiculous stupid romantic


But i don’t want to ever have it another way. I don’t mind getting hurt because of it. Because the fact of the matter is as many times as it hurts, as bad as it ever gets, as many times as i might cry over the spilled milk of my futile romantic endeavors… its all worth it. Because when its good, you don’t remember the bad times. If i get hurt 1,000,000 times to make it perfect once, i consider that the perfect success. 

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Secret Public Love Blog: A Story

By the japanese writer Haruki Murakami.

A man and a woman pass each other on the street one day and feel an instant electricity between the two of them. They feel compelled to talk to one another and begin conversing, finding that they are perfectly compatible and even venture to think they are…